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Sage Advice of the Day: Henry Rollins, the relentlessly outspoken hardcore music icon — the Black Flag bearer of modern punk, if you will — recently participated in a “Letters to a Young American” project. What follows is an excerpt from Part 1 and Part 2.

“You’ll find in your life that sometimes your great ambitions will be momentarily stymied, thwarted, marginalized by those who were perhaps luckier; come from money; had more doors opened; where college was a given, not a student loan; it was something that dad paid for; where an ease and confidence in life was almost a birthright. Where for you, it was a very hard climb. … That happens all the time.

Just because you come from nothing, you must not let that be something that holds you back.”

Poignant, and more relevant than ever.


Henry Rollins always has the best advice.

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